About Us

Who We Are

CiiTA is a high touch technology and services company providing thoughtful, accurate, and low-impact solutions to stakeholders in the 340B Drug Discount Program.

CiiTA’s principals have spent thirteen years developing and managing 340B contract pharmacy programs, and six years identifying and correcting 340B/Medicaid duplicate discount claims. We have worked with and are trusted by 340B covered entities, manufacturers, third party administrators, split billing vendors, and trade groups. This cross-functional experience has given us an entirely unique view of the 340B landscape. We adhere to guiding principles of neutrality and transparency, allowing us to collaborate with all 340B trading partners on developing effective and actionable solutions for complex 340B issues.


Our Commitment To 340B

We believe the 340B Program is a vital part of the US healthcare system, and we are committed to promoting a sustainable and compliant Program by helping manufacturers and covered entities identify and understand the risks and issues.

We provide objectivity and transparency in all our engagements, and we work to ensure that all parties participate in a collaborative manner. In this way, we help bridge the gap between the various stakeholders who collectively make the 340B program and the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program viable.


Develop Your 340B Strategy

CiiTA has, through extensive experience, developed a set of best practices to help guide you through the creation of your 340B strategy. Download our process document to facilitate the development of your strategy.

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