Justine Coffey


Director, Washington Office

Justine moved to Washington, D.C. to study law, and received her JD degree from
American University’s Washington College of Law and her LLM degree from the
Georgetown University Law Center. She has over fifteen years of direct healthcare,
regulatory, and pharmacy policy experience in both non-profit and corporate
environments. She’s worked for two of the preeminent, national pharmacy associations, as well as an association management company where she served as Vice President of Public Affairs for a pharmaceutical workgroup.

Justine’s focus on the 340B program began when she held a senior position handling 340B issues at the start of her healthcare career, and she has been fortunate to stay actively engaged in the program from a policy perspective over the last fifteen years.

Justine lives in the Washington, D.C. metro area. She loves to travel (particularly to
England, where she was born). She recently became certified as a Pilates instructor and enjoys teaching on the weekends. Justine believes world domination will be
achieved by the first person to attend ten concerts of the British Invasion band,
Herman’s Hermits. This belief works to her advantage since she plans to attend her
tenth this Fall.