Jason Hardaway


Managing Director

A native of California, Jason Hardaway studied epidemiology and received his BS from San Jose State University following an enlistment in the United States Marine Corps. Jason began working in the 340B arena in 2000 with the creation of the Nation’s first 340B contract pharmacy administrator in 2001. Jason has subsequently held several positions relating to the 340B program and within the health care safety net. With an interest and expertise in the health care safety net and especially in the PHS 340B Drug Discount Program, Jason has published several articles, white papers, and primers on the topic. He has also served as an advocate for the 340B program and special populations, testifying before a number of state legislatures and federal agencies.

Jason holds five patents or patents pending relating to the provision of contract pharmacy services—though he is hard pressed to explain what these patents are actually for to his loved ones. Jason believes that world domination will be achieved by the first person to successfully combine humor, gravitas, and multicolored socks.