CiiTA – A New Brand

You may have noticed some changes to our website and to our message.  We have concluded the first phase of a complete rebranding of CiiTA.  We are pretty excited about this effort and believe that you will be as well. First some background: starting in the mid-2017, we hired Asceta (www.asceta.co) to help us understand…

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HRSA’s Civil Monetary Penalties Rule Postponed (Again!)

The effective date for the 340B Drug Program Ceiling Price and Manufacturer Civil Monetary Penalties has been delayed once again, pushing the date to July 1, 2018. A Final Rule was released today, stating: HHS proposed this action to allow a more deliberate process of considering alternative and supplemental regulatory provisions and to allow for sufficient time…

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The Effect of Medicaid Spending on the 340B Program

Medicaid spending cuts proposed by President Trump and Congressional Republicans Health Care plan would once again change the 340B landscape. In 2010, under the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, more than 11 million uninsured people became newly qualified for benefits. As those patients began receiving care, the number of hospitals that qualified to purchase 340B drugs grew.…

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BIO Video: Understanding Your Drug Costs

This super short and helpful little video explains why the list price is not really the price anyone pays for their medicine. Great work from the team at BIO.

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Jason Hardaway is Coming to Denver This Week for The AMCP Annual Meeting

CiiTA’s Managing Director Jason Hardaway will be presenting at The AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting this week in Denver Colorado. His topic, 340B Program Evolution: Understanding the Impact on Payers, will be co-presented with Krishna R. Patel, PharmD and Neil Minkoff, MD. AMCP brings together all the voices and visions of managed…

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Marching Forward: CiiTA Hires a New Evaluator!

Please join us in welcoming the latest talented person to join the CiiTA team: Jennifer Soulagnet. Jennifer will be ably filling the role of Evaluator — enabling us to meet the growing needs of our clients. Prior to joining CiiTA, Jennifer worked as a senior communication strategist for both WebMD Health Services and Standard Insurance…

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A Win For Our Team

One of the prerogatives of being the leader of an extraordinary team of individuals is that you get to publicly recognize their success outside of the work hours as well.  Now is such an occasion. Gloria Harrison is a critical and valued member of the CiiTA team and is a close friend of us all.…

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CiiTA Managing Partner: Risk to Manufacturers Letter to the Editor

The P&T (Pharmacy and Therapeutics) Community online journal has published a response by CiiTA’s Managing Partner, Jason Hardaway, to their October 2015 report by Stephen Barlas about Congress’s 340B Program omnibus guidance issued by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Mr. Hardaway’s article, titled 340B Program Puts Manufacturers At Risk of Duplicate Drug Discounts, addresses the material and financial risk of duplicate…

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CiiTA is Concerned for Covered Entities

It should come as no surprise that CiiTA fully supports the 340B Program and recognizes the important financial role it plays in the healthcare safety net. What might be less obvious is that the vast majority of pharmaceutical manufacturers support 340B as well. (Full disclosure: CiiTA’s client base is almost exclusively drug companies.) The 340B…

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CMS Proposes Rule: 340B onus now on Medicaid MCOs

On May 26, 2015 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed to make Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs) responsible for establishing procedures to prevent 340B duplicate discounts in the managed Medicaid setting. In the proposed rule, CMS has clarified that the onus will fall solely on the MCO to create models to prevent…

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Develop Your 340B Strategy

CiiTA has, through extensive experience, developed a set of best practices to help guide you through the creation of your 340B strategy. Download our process document to facilitate the development of your strategy.

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