Lisa Diamond

Lisa 2

Director of National Business Development

Lisa brings over 20 years working in the health care industry. After graduating with a BA from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Communications, she took to the world of sales. Over the years, Lisa has held various management positions and played key leadership roles in sales and marketing campaigns and product distribution. She has built and led successful sales organizations for national companies.
Her background includes multiple specialties in health care. From Workers Compensation programs, Medicare and Medicaid, Group Insurance, Behavioral Health products, Hospital and ancillary, she has been variously involved in many segments of the industry. She excels at leveraging the sales distribution channels to impact growth.  

Lisa is a student of language and loves the nuance of words. She believes world domination will occur when everyone recognizes the sublime beauty of using vocabulary to articulate their thinking. She hopes her success with words will someday translate into convincing her son to graduate from college!